Systems Integration

Accel Frontline Limited takes a pragmatic, vendor-neutral, and consultative approach – providing a gamut of Enterprise IT Infrastructure Solutions, which are backed by partnerships with industry’s leading technology providers, proven expertise, decades of experience, and skilled resources.

True to its mission and values, AFL provides world class Enterprise IT Solutions backed by full lifecycle support to ensure lower cost of ownership. AFL has the skills and expertise to architect, design, deploy, and support any kind of Enterprise Class IT Infrastructure Solutions.

Green and Smart IT Solutions

Today’s world demands more with less resources and less overheads. IT budget is shrinking and IT is anticipated to focus on business projects rather than just delivering IT Support. IT Team has to innovate and bring in more efficiency, availability and agile infrastructure with ease of management.

AFL has a vast expertise in the following range of Green & Smart IT Solutions:

  • Virtualization and Consolidation Solutions (SPARC, AIX and Intel Servers),
  • VDI Solutions,
  • Storage Consolidation.

Few of the key technology partners includes, but not limited to, Oracle, IBM, VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Veritas, EMC, NetApp, Hitachi and HP.

Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Business Environment has evolved in such a way that IT which was perceived as a “Cost Center” in earlier days is expected to become “Profit Centre” now. In the current world scenario, wherein the market and customer/consumer requirements changes very fast and grows at a faster pace than ever. To cater the ever growing requirements within a limited timeline, IT has to innovate and invest far more than just virtualizing and consolidating the Infra. Different departments in the same organization has different requirements.

IT Team must bring in more agility, more efficiency, and business-friendly IT Infrastructure. Today IT is anticipated to provide services with a quickest Go- Live period, on-demand services, more control and comfort to business thru Self Service options, by leveraging an agile infrastructure through Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Concepts.

AFL has proven experience and expertise in Private and Hybrid Cloud Solution implementations – including large Financial and Government organizations.

Few of the key technology partners includes, but not limited to, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, HP, VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Amazon, Azure, ClouTor etc.

Business Continuity Solutions

In today’s business environment, technology is playing a major role in the business operations. Hence, “Business as usual” is applicable to IT as well. Depending upon business and technical requirements, there are a wide range of Business Continuity and Availability Solutions offered by technology solution providers.

AFL, being a long-time player in IT, provides the following solution stack

  • Local High Availability Solutions (HA / Cluster Suites, Load Balancers),
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions (DRM Suites, Global / Metro Clusters)
  • Replication Solutions (Host Based and Storage Based Solutions)

Few of the key technology partners includes, but not limited to, Oracle, Veritas, Sanovi, VMware, Perpetuuiti, Microsoft, NetApp, IBM, HP, Dell etc.

Information Management Solutions

We are currently in the age of Information. In today’s business environment, information is the key. Managing the plethora of information is a complex task for businesses and it also leaves large corporations highly vulnerable. Protecting Data is very crucial to protect business’s interest and business continuity.

AFL has proven expertise and experience with large deployment base in the following solution stack:

  • Backup and Recovery Solutions,
  • Archival Solutions,
  • Storage Management Solutions.

Few of the key technology partners includes, but not limited to, Veritas, Commvault, IBM, HP, Dell etc.

Solution in a Box

  • In today’s business environment, IT should be more agile and efficient with reduced risks and should support faster Go-Live of projects. For any deployment of solutions, it takes a lengthier process and timeline to design, procure, deploy, and optimize solutions.
  • Converged infrastructure (CI) is an approach to data centre management that seeks to minimize compatibility issues between servers, storage systems and network devices while also reducing costs for cabling, cooling, power and floor space. A converged infrastructure can be implemented with a CI reference architecture, with standalone appliances or with a software driven hyper-converged approach.
  • Few of the key technology partners includes Oracle, NetApp, Cisco, HP, IBM etc.

Enterprise Networking Solution

  • AFL synergizes available technologies with its integrations skill, process-driven operations, and management support – to help its customer plan, design, implement, maintain, and optimize their mission critical next-gen networking infrastructure with integrated lifecycle management, based on a business-centric framework. AFL acts as a single point of contact for Enterprise Networking Infrastructure provisioning and support that helps maximized efficiency and optimal ROI.

Enterprise Security Solutions

  • AFL’s Security Practice addresses the full attack continuum, providing organizations vision and protection across their network for applications, data sent between users, and information from any device or location — before, during, and after an attack.
  • Security is built into all of AFL’s practices. No matter about what IT solution/service we provide, security is at the core.
  • AFL helps organizations identify and protect against internal and external threats to the IT infrastructure. Our security-first approach enables total risk management, allowing you to stay ahead of emerging threats. Prevent the exploitation of sensitive structured data stored in databases through advanced security controls. Avoid the pitfalls of database breaches and ensure compliance with government regulations.

IT Consulting and Audit Services

  • Information Technology (IT) Auditing is an integral component of an organization’s pursuit that ensures good information technology security and overall information oversight. Good corporate governance requires that organizations do a health-check or audit on their information technology security and infrastructure on an ongoing basis.
  • In today’s business environment, organizations face a wide spectrum of business risks. Managing these risks is crucial for the future of the organization. AFL with its team of seasoned consultants can guide your organization with expertise in IT audit and security. By using customized tools, expert resources and proven methodologies, we tailor our IT audit services based on the specific requirements of client organizations.
  • Our experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds bring astute understanding and expertise in Internal Information System Audits, Application Control and Security Services, and Pre Implementation and Post Implementation Reviews.