Enterprise IT Services

We Help Enterprises to Transform their Businesses with Latest IT Infrastructure and Managed Services

With 9 regional offices and more than 100+ locations covering the entire Indian Sub-Continent, AFL is one of the leading provider of IT Infrastructure Services in India. We help clients to transform their businesses with latest IT Solutions. When a leading steel manufacturing company wanted to set up a state of the art data center in North India, they chose AFL because of our expertise in providing IT Services for mission critical applications on a 24/7, 365 days a year service basis.

Whether it is a telecom service provider, or a bank with multiple branches, or government department, AFL has given the answer for their IT Infrastructure needs. Our knowledge and expertise in Enterprise Networking, Data Center Implementation, Cloud Solutions, and Life Cycle Management help us to provide the right sized solutions for all customer needs.

We have long-standing strategic relationship with leading OEM’s and Technology Leaders,which helps us with best in class products and solutions that meet stringent quality standards.

Some of our leading business partners include: Oracle, IB, EMC, Cisco, Microsoft, HitachI, VMware, etc.